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Dale M. Nelson

 Crime, Thriller and Sci-Fi Author

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No Prayers For The Dying

In the high-stakes game of international spycraft, the most dangerous weapon is the truth. And Matt Gage is about to unleash it.


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I really really liked this book and this new author in my list of authors. When I find an author I appreciate and a story that is entertaining and exciting as well, I tend to read all I can from him pen. I am into the third book of the Gentleman Jack series and have not been disappointed. He is a scoundrel but one that you hope and pray he gets out of his latest scrape. You are also hoping to see the detective in this series fail. She is a "dog with a bone" and won't leave Jack alone (if that is his real name).........! Get this one and more if you want a really good read!


Marilyn Leonard

Amazon Review

Praise & Reviews

I’m really enjoying the Gentleman Jack Burdette character created by Dale M. Nelson. The suspense and intrigue start on the first page and don’t let up until the end. From jewelry theft to running a vineyard, to betrayal by an old friend and being chased by the FBI, I’m surprised Jack knows which way is up. If you love a story with plenty of non-stop action, excitement and suspense, you’ll love this one.



Amazon Review

Very fun and exciting ride through wine and thievery. Almost Ocean's 11 meets Sideways, Nelson's colorful characters and sweeping locations provided a welcome distraction transporting me into the world of Jack and his journey. Give it a try and you'll enjoy it!


Michael Pusatera

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