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Meet Dale M. Nelson 

Image by Jesse Adair

Hi! I am a crime, thriller and science fiction writer.


I grew up outside Tampa, Florida and attended the University of Florida, where I graduated from the College of Journalism and Communications (Go Gators!). After graduation, I commissioned in the U.S. Air Force, serving as a logistics officer and war planner. After my military service, I worked in defense and tech before writing full time. I’ve had the opportunity to live abroad and see a large part of the world, thanks to my time in the military, and that’s certainly informed my writing. I currently live in Washington, DC, with my wife and daughters.


I’m a lifelong storyteller. I began writing at eight and never stopped. My school notebooks were indecipherable because I had as many story fragments, ideas, notes and bits of dialogue as I did whatever I was actually supposed to be taking notes on. I believe there is real power in stories. It can help us see and understand our world with a different perspective and experience things we might never see. But mostly, there’s just nothing like a great story well told.


Outside of writing, I’m passionate and loud about good books, good wine, music, travelling, snowboarding, college football and spending time with my family.

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