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Meet Jack Burdette...


(“Gentleman” Jack Burdette Book 1)

He stole $80 million in 90 seconds. Getting it was the easy part, getting away with it was something else... 

Jack Burdette, a professional thief living a double life, is tipped to the biggest heist ever seen--a jewelry exhibition in the French Riviera worth eighty million dollars which has almost no security. Too good to be true, Jack passes. But when his accountant disappears with ten million dollars, Jack's legitimate business, his security and his way into civilian life could disappear with it. Knowing he can't turn to the police, Jack's only option to get back the money he's lost is to steal it. 

The clock starts when Jack learns he's no longer the only one in on the score and he's not going to let a little thing like competition get in the way. But if he's going to pull off the most daring heist in history, Jack will have to stay one step ahead of the FBI, a gang of Serbian jewel thieves, his old crew and a dangerous Israeli diamond mogul. 

Can this thief pull off the heist of a lifetime before his two lives come face to face? 

A Legitimate Businessman is based on the largest, unsolved jewelry heist in history and is the first book in an exiting crime thriller series starring "Gentleman" Jack Burdette.



(“Gentleman” Jack Burdette Book 2)

He’s playing a dangerous game, living two lives. But he only has one to lose…

Jack Burdette wants a normal life but cannot give up his criminal past. Though he works to build a legit business as a winemaker, the infamous jewel thief can’t resist the thrill of a heist. But when his latest job goes sour, he has no choice but to make a devil’s bargain to avoid arrest.

Under the thumb of a Serbian gangster, Jack is forced to commit a series of high stakes crimes he wants no part of. With the authorities closing in and an old friend pushing him to settle a long-forgotten score, he fears this caper could well be his last.

Can Jack bottle up his past and still escape with his skin?

The School of Turin is the nail-biting second novel in the Gentleman Jack Burdette crime thriller series. If you like fast-paced action, breathtaking twists and turns, and enigmatic antiheroes, then you’ll love Dale Nelson’s thrilling tale.

Buy The School of Turin to outrun the mob today!



(“Gentleman” Jack Burdette Book 3)

$80 million worth of diamonds.
He’s stolen them once before.
Now he’ll risk everything to steal them back.

After striking a plea deal with the FBI, jewel thief Jack Burdette settles into an honest life as a California winemaker—until his past catches up with him, and there’s no turning back.


Two years ago, Jack’s last job turned south when he was double-crossed, and he’s been smarting from the blow to his reputation ever since. Now, the culprit is back on the radar, trying to sell the stolen diamonds on the open market.


When the FBI calls him in for information on the upcoming sale, clueless about his part in the original heist, Jack knows a good opportunity when he sees it. With his network of professional con artists and well-honed skills of deception, he’ll easily play along with the investigation to locate the seller—and take back what’s rightfully his.

Jack can’t resist a chance to settle the score, but he soon learns that he’s underestimated the difficulty of the job. With the FBI breathing down his neck and dangerous people lined up as potential buyers, he’ll need to play his cards right to avoid ending up behind bars…or six feet under.

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