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Meet Matt Gage

No Prayers For The Dying

The Gage Files Book 1

In the high-stakes game of international spycraft, the most dangerous weapon is the truth. And Matt Gage is about to unleash it.


Ex-CIA operative Matt Gage believed the covert world was firmly in his rear view. But the untimely demise of a Silicon Valley powerhouse drags him back to the subterranean chessboard of spycraft. At the behest of the tenacious Elizabeth Zhou, the magnate’s daughter, he starts an inquiry that promises more shadows than truths.From the vibrant alleys of Chinatown to the imposing skyscrapers of the tech giants, a sinister web unfolds, where the line between friend and foe isn't just blurred—it's non-existent. Each revelation is a grenade with its pin pulled. Every move is made on a knife’s edge. And with every step, Gage walks closer into the subtle battle being waged far from the public eye.In this electrifying dance of loyalty, betrayal, and the harrowing price of the truth, one misstep could be the last.


Perfect for readers who crave the heart-pounding thrill of Lee Child’s Jack Reacher, the cerebral espionage of Robert Ludlum's Jason Bourne, and the intricate plotting of David Baldacci.

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One Bullet Away

The Gage Files Book 2

For some, loyalty is a game played with loaded dice.


In Miami’s deceptive calm, private investigator Matt Gage is pulled into a case that cuts to the core of the city’s athletic empire. Hired by sports agent Jimmy Lawson, Gage is tasked with infiltrating the shadowy Sunshine Sports Collective and unraveling a dark conspiracy that spans the recesses of Miami’s underbelly to the pulsing heart of its illustrious arenas.

As an ex-CIA operative, Gage is familiar with danger. But the Collective is a new breed of enemy. Behind the glamorous facade of endorsements and celebrity athletes lies the prospect of grim machinations. And when a shocking act of violence turns the case personal, Gage finds himself alone in the Magic City, a place as dangerous as any he survived in his years as a spy. With no one to trust and nothing as it seems, Gage learns that death is only one bullet away.


Prepare for a heart-racing thriller with Dale M. Nelson’s latest addition to the Gage Files. This electrifying sequel is a high-octane journey that rivals the twists and turns of Lee Child’s Jack Reacher, the strategic cunning of Robert Ludlum's Jason Bourne, and the complex plots of David Baldacci.

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These Dark Streets

The Gage Files Book 3

Coming soon

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